Are You or Your Child Struggling with ADHD and Executive Functioning Challenges?

ADHD and Executive Functioning difficulties can cause all sorts of problems in the lives of teens and their families.  Challenges with time management, memory, focus and organization can lead to poor grades, anxiety, depression and family discord.

Are You Ready For a Change?

I can help by working with you to discover which strategies work best for you and your family.  I work with clients to identify self-defeating patterns and develop habits and systems that produce results.  The goal is to minimize the negative effects of ADHD and maximize the strengths- making the creativity, energy and outside the box thinking of so many with ADHD shine as the assets that they truly are.

A nationally recognized teacher, I am trained in communication, coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness and ADHD coaching.  I have spent my life working with young people to help them identify and achieve their goals.  Practically focused and solutions oriented, I help my clients harness their talents to overcome life’s difficulties.

Take the first step today.  Sign up for a consultation and begin the process of taking control of your life.