Workshops & Talks

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Workshops & Talks:

The Kavanah Connection: Living with Intention for a More Meaningful Life: The Hebrew term Kavanah refers to the frame of mind and heart that the Rabbis felt was needed for prayer.  Kavanah is about bringing awareness and intention into your daily routines and investing them with meaning.  Kavanah, while valuable as a religious concept, is also useful in our secular lives. Too often we find ourselves “going through the motions.”   Our lives can lack direction and meaning.  Moving through our busy lives we find that we are not living our values or valuing our lives.  In this workshop we identify personal values and generate ways of honoring those values in everyday life.

Intuition: Finding Your Own Expert Voice: The publishing industry, with its hundreds of thousands of self-help books and magazines, is actually hurting its customers.  We have, as a culture, become so reliant on the advice of experts that we no longer trust our own expertise.  Doctors, scientists and other experts all have valuable insights for us- but in the end, each one of us, is an expert on our own lives, our own hopes, our families and children.  In this workshop we work to strengthen your ability to listen to your own voice so that you are better able to make decisions and are happier with the results.

Vultures, Bandits and Napalm: What Three Famous Photographs and their Photographers Can Tell Us About Living our Values.  War photography and photos of natural disasters are some of the most visually compelling and also hotly debated forms of news coverage.  For every five letters thanking a magazine for running an image, is at least one that questions the moral character of the photographer.  In this multimedia presentation, we explore three famous and striking photos from Vietnam and Sudan and use them as a jumping off point for a discussion of ethics, intentions and life purpose.

Values, Velocity & Vision: What Neuroscience Has to Tell Us About Mindfullness, Meditation and Self-Knowledge.The world is full of people who by external societal standards are successful, but are in their own personal assessments, unhappy and unfulfilled.  This presentation offers insights and strategies for individuals seeking to make their lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

Coming soon… Caring for Yourself When it’s Your Job to Care for Everyone Else  and Overcoming The Hard Part of Soft Skills

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