Coaching Philosophy

I offer coaching services in the Co-Active® model of coaching. I believe that every person is naturally creative, resourceful, whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.  I am dedicated to helping you harness your innate skills and abilities by identifying and tapping into your personal vision, values and strengths.

My coaching is informed by insights and practices from the mindfulness tradition, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and ADHD coaching.  I work with clients to find the strategies, practices and philosophies that work best for them.

My coaching practice focuses on helping young people discover their unique talents, develop strategies to harness those skills and overcome their weaknesses.  My goal for each client is that they become the best version of themselves and are able to live their lives effectively, meaningfully and with intention.

Connect. Evolve. Thrive.

Connect: With all of the demands on our time, it is easy to feel lost and adrift.  Coaching helps you connect with your desires, strengths and talents. Coaching helps ground you in the moment and allows you to see the possibilities of the future.

Evolve: Too often we get stuck – unable to get out of the same patterns of living and thinking.  Coaching helps you embrace change.  We know from science that evolution works at different rates from incremental change to large jumps.  Similarly, in coaching I combine inquiry, goal setting, and challenges to evoke both gradual and transformational change.  Rooted in connection, coaching helps you evolve into a higher version of yourself.

Thrive: Many people have skills and talents but do not utilize them effectively.  Coaching helps you harness those gifts so that they help serve you better.  When you are able to maximize your own talents and abandon old habits, you will find that you are not merely succeeding, but thriving.

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