Coaching Services

I provide coaching services in the CoActive® model (see more about my coaching philosophy here) while utilizing insights and methods from cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness practice. I meet with clients for four 45 minutes sessions a month or the frequency that we design in our initial meeting.  Sessions can be on the phone, over Skype or in person at my Wellesley or Westborough offices.  I am also available for onsite workshops, talks and webinars.

Recognized as one of the top 300 Professors by the Princeton Review, I have worked extensively with young people. I have taught, advised and mentored hundreds of thoughtful and insightful individuals as they set out to make their impact on the world.  As a coach, I work with you to identify your values and aspirations and help you set goals to reach them.

ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching for Teens. I work with high school students struggling with ADHD and Executive Functioning difficulties. The rising challenge of high school academics and increased independence required to complete them can be daunting for students.  I work with students to help them discover and develop their strengths while designing the routines and habits necessary to succeed. I work with students and their families to change problematic patterns of behavior, organize working space and set up routines and goals that support the student.

Mindfulness Coaching. I work with clients of all ages to bring the insights of mindfulness into their lives.  Through meditation, introspection and the tools of positive psychology, I work with clients to help them bring greater meaning, joy and stillness into their lives. I customize a program to the style, schedule and needs of each client, offering each client an individualized approach to mindfulness.  I provide personalized guided meditations in MP3 format and work with clients to develop the ability to create their own mindfulness practices.

Coaching College Students with ADD/ADHD and Executive Function Challenges.  I work with students with (and without) ADD/ADHD and Executive Function difficulties to help them succeed in a college environment.  The new schedule and requirements of college life can make adjusting difficult. College coursework often relies on long term assignments with few checkpoints (exams, quizzes, papers etc).  To do well in such a model, students need excellent time management and planning skills.  I help students set up routines, goals and schedules that will help them succeed academically.  I leverage my ten years as a college professor to help students organize their school work and act as an accountability center in their lives.

Coaching College and Beyond:  College students, recent graduates and people in their early twenties face a world with many challenges.  Key to finding your way, is finding yourself.  Too often I see young people make career and life plans that will make them unhappy- this is because the plans belong to someone else.  In order to find a job or career that makes you happy, you must first find out what it is that makes you happy.  You must identify your values, your working, thinking and living styles and only then can you move forward.  Once you have identified these, it is time to set goals and be accountable to them.

Coaching Change:  Sometimes we get stuck.  Our lives, for whatever reason, are no longer satisfying and we decide it’s time to change.  However liberating the decision to change can be, making those changes can be difficult.  I help clients follow through on the changes they have decided to make- from a new job, to new ways of eating, exercising or being in relation to others.  Change can be tough.  As a coach, I help you navigate the process and stay true to your goals.


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